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Sam Chavez

Posted on November 09 2019



Heartbreak is never fun but I do believe it can be the most beautiful thing that can happen to you and here is why! When you’re in a relationship or a friendship (because friendships can impact your life just as much as a relationship) and if things don’t work out for one reason or another then it can make you feel like you literally don’t know what to do with your life anymore. I’m a firm believer that things happen in your life for a reason so whether you know it or not,  the moment when your life changes suddenly and unexpectedly, happens so you are able to grow.

To go from giving your time to be with someone you love and care about, to not even speaking at all anymore can really break your heart but this is when the true magic happens. You learn to be by yourself. You’ll come to find your true inner beauty that was probably being  suppressed because you had probably lost touch with yourself. If you haven’t already heard the new song by Selena Gomez- Lose You To Love Me you can can purchase it HERE. This song really explains how she was able to essentially discover the love for herself by going through a breakup.

This is not something that happens overnight and it is also not easy but it is something that is necessary. You go through sleepless nights, cry again and again until you just cant cry anymore before you really open your eyes to see the only person you need to really need to dedicate time, energy, and love to is yourself. You cant expect for someone to treat you a certain way or do certain things for you when you don’t even do that for yourself. Everything starts with you and once you realize this it will change your life! You will be happier and you will eventually notice that the people that you outgrew were probably very toxic and were the once responsible for stunting your growth!

If you haven’t personally gone through a breakup or had to breakup a friendship for one reason or another then you might know of someone who has and you can see a completely different person once they’ve done the emotional work. They’ve gone through the tears, the phone calls to friends and family, the drama OMG and then all of a sudden it stops. They’re glowing, they’ve got a new job, a new house, a new car or whatever the case may be and its like they’re like an entirely different person. Its in those moments of being alone we sometimes have to go through, when we can truly appreciate the people who have been in our lives and truly helped us grow to become the best version of ourselves. Without heartbreak it would be difficult to recognize the power of love and how self-love is the foundation for living life in true bliss.

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