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Sam Chavez

Posted on October 23 2019



Hello Everyone!


My name is Samanta but all of my friends know me by Sam. I am the owner of Siempre Bella Co and some Fun Facts about me are that I have been living in Atlanta Ga for most of my life however I was born in Mexico! My favorite hobbies include reading, watching movies and spending time with my children! I have a boy and a girl aged 3 and 1 and they are my motivation to pursue my dream so that they can become a reality and to always keep moving forward in life no matter what may come my way.


In my first blog post I stated that not to long ago I launched a skincare company called Siempre Bella Co to offer a more natural, effective, and sensitive skin friendly skincare products. I’ve always had sensitive skin…and oily skin…and it was as always so hard for me to find products that will not only benefit my skin, but also gently detox my skin all while preventing any further damage to my skin. Because of that, it was always so hard for me to establish a proper skincare routine.  From then on I set a goal to share skincare products that are not only effective to take on my oily skin, but also wont irritate my sensitive skin. From then on Siempre Bella Co have created products that are suitable for ALL skin types and are perfect for sensitive skin! Like all things related to beauty your individual results will be based on your genetics, age, and overall health.



If you are interested in learning more about my products or just love to take care of your skin, please feel free to stick around as I will constant be posting on my blog. Also, don’t forget to like my facebook page: , follow my Instagram: , and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: , to stay up to date with Siempre Bella Co news, tutorials, and all things skincare!




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