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Sam Chavez

Posted on November 05 2019



#1 Schedule Days Off

Who knew right?! In today’s world somehow its become normal to always be in a hurry and to rush everything, so we tend to forget to just stop and take a break! When your body and mind are so over worked it can not only impact your body In a negative way but your mental health as well. Even if you have 100 things going on just 5 minutes for yourself to clear your mind and do something small just for you every day until it becomes a habit! Remember that you matter too!

 #2 Reflect On 3 Good Things That Happened Today

Coming home after a long day at work or school can really take a toll on you especially if your day wasn’t so great but, a bad day can easily be turned into a good day when you focus on 3 positive things. What I like to do is, every night at the end of the day while I’m in bed is to reflect on my day. How things went for me that day, what changes can I make for next time, and the 3 things that I did that were positive or things that others did that were positive etc. This helps me to see the positive in any situation and keep my mind only thinking positive so I am able to speak positive things and act positively!

 #3 Use Positive Self Talk

If you really pay attention to the way you talk about yourself, you just might notice that you might be saying something negative about yourself. For example, if you forget your presentation for work or for school and by the time you notice its too late you might jokingly say “oh my gosh I’m such an idiot how could I forget!?”. You’re not an idiot. Instead, try re-wording that sentence to something positive and say “oh my gosh, I have to pay more attention to what I’m doing so I don’t forget important things!”. This will definitely boost your self esteem when you practice this every day!

 #4 Say No

If you’re a person that just cant say no, this is for you!! We are human and its only natural to want to help others when they ask but it can be challenging sometimes to say no. Remember that you matter too and if you’re already overwhelmed with things to do then saying yes to everyone and everything will only make things worse for you. Once you start saying no when you really need to say no, it can feel very empowering!

 #5 Stop Overthinking

Overthinking can get you into a lot of trouble sometimes. It can even cause stress, anxiety and it stops you from just living in the moment. Focusing on the future can actually interfere with your happiness and you can’t really enjoy things in the moment. Top really enjoy the present just pause for a second, take a few deep breaths, relax and just enjoy being in the NOW!

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